Sunday, June 26, 2011

here kitty kitty

A weekend full of packing, and a little bit of fun with Taj, and our neighbour's cat.

Yes, Taj is wearing his knickers on the outside of his pants. Sometimes you need to roll with these things.


  1. Love it! I was looking at some old pics this morning and my daughter, now 11, was wearing her bathers over her pj's! Gotta love it!

    Rach xxx

    Ps - wondered if you would be interested in doing a guest post for my Squiggly Sundays? I have been sharing some of my life story and have had a few guest bloggers sharing something that is meaningful - would love to have you guest blog! let me know, my email is

    rach xx

  2. Too precious!

    I love that kitty transformed into catty as his frustration mounted.

    xx Felicity

  3. Oh-my-god. That is the funniest thing to watch!!! Love it all!!

  4. aww, what a cutie! what is it about cats and children.



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