Wednesday, June 1, 2011

run harry run

Let me introduce myself.... my name is Harry. Not just any Harry, I am helpful Harry. I am that person that just gets in and gets it done. My mum used to call me helpful Harry. And after the week I have had, I completely get that. I have done some. I have actually done more than some.

Instead of breaking, which at times I thought I would, I have put my head down and I have focused on other things to get me through. I have looked at my little ones, and taken so much strength from them, and I have taken all the good from my friends. I have asked for them to tell me about them, and their lives. If you listen to others, then the things that are hurting you, don't hurt as much. I have run. I have run on pure adrenalin, and every emotion you could think of. I still run with a smile on my face. The joy of running has not been taken away from me. I love how I can hold onto something that means more to me than I thought it ever would, and still love every moment of it.

Today my home is on the market.

Today I ran my first half marathon. Today my life takes a new turn. I am no longer on the yellow brick road. I am running my own race.

{I am very proud of me..... a half marathon... rock on. And yes I am sore. But I am glowing. The happiness is insane, as is the run I did}!


  1. You are so totally awesome and you'll cross that 'finishing line' with the most joyous of smiles on your face. x

  2. congrats on the half marathon! a new journey begins.

  3. Oh crap - I wrote a really awesome reply and it is gone! Ok so what I was saying is that you are awesome and of course because you are so, your home is to - wherever that is, that won't change. AND if all else fail, you know you can run very far away from it should you not like it! (ok jokes joyce) x



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