Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a wise woman once said

I was raised with the belief I could do anything my heart desired. It did not matter that was a female, or that I did not go to university. I had my reasons for that, and unfortunately that was out of my control. The time to study and working out what I wanted to do with my life, "the what I want to be when I grow up" stage was consumed with the fighting the skeleton in my closet. I had to put that part of my life aside in order for me to become a survivor and no longer a victim.

I was told I could be a gynecologist if I wanted to be, or anything my heart wanted to be. I was also told that it didn't matter what I became, or would become, as long as I was happy. I was also told I could accomplish any "man" jobs, even though I did not have the physical strength. If I believed enough I could be strong.

I remember a great time in my life that mum and I shared, in which she showed me this very theory she believed in, was the truth. I was in my early 20's and that very day I arrived home from work, mum told me she had a flat tyre. Her car was in the garage, with a very squished tyre. Out came the jack, and the other tools to change a tyre. We jacked up the car, (which we were very proud of), took off the flat tyre, and replaced it with the spare. We tightened the bolts together, and off we went to the closest service station. Driving along we could hear a rattle and the car was moving in a random way. Mum pulled the car over, and we jacked up the car, tightened the tyre as much as we could together, hopped back in the car and drove less than a kilometer down the road, to do it all again. We did this several times....... And we made it, with the tyre still on the car!

We believed, with a lot of laughter, that we could do it. Mum and I changed our first tyre together.

I have done a lot, and will continue to, with that belief I too can have balls to accomplish anything my heart desires. It is not about physical strength, or how many lectures you sit through in your university degree, it is about the true belief you have in yourself, and your own abilities.

As mum would say to me, "Hayley, grow some balls and do it!"


  1. What an awesome mum! And what a fabulous belief system to instil in your child. Love it!

  2. I love your post, your mum sounded amazing xo



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