Monday, June 13, 2011

cruised the holiday monday

Today was the queen's birthday holiday in australia, and we rocked it. Even though we are all coughing we still got amongst it. There is no stopping little people, even when they are sick. You just have to suck it up yourself and enjoy your day. And ironically it makes me feel a lot better to get out. I am not one to stay in between four walls, I like fresh air, and people watching too much.

We spent our morning painting, looking for footprints, which a monster had left. I was apparently the monster; the tickle monster! (I got them, and got them good. You know those full belly laughs, where they snort? Well I had them there). After our coffee time, we walked around the wharf to the boats. We are going to hop on the ferry next saturday and go into the city. Taj has been begging me. He wanted his grand-dad to take him, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. {I held my father in-law's hand today and told him I would take Taj across the city for him. He squeezed my hand, and smiled}.

The little people went off with their father in the afternoon, and I had time to rip it up on my cruiser skateboard along the Manly beachfront. {If this is a midlife crisis, I am loving every minute of it}. The wind was in my hair, the rain at times in my face, and I had Ray Lamontage singing to me. I had my long black at Barefoot, and cruised back the way I came. I spent some time with my father in-law, and showed him the images of his grandchildren from this morning. The smile was priceless; a smile I will never forget. After the hospital I had some time out, and I sat at the beach, with the wind in my hair and watched the whales just off the coast. I bought myself $14 worth of bananas; gold. {Well they better be gold}.

A great holiday monday.


  1. sounds like even with sickies you know how to make a weekend full of fun xo

  2. Bananas - its sooooo long since I've had a banana - at $12.99 per kg! I might treat myself and JP tomorrow!

  3. Love your shoes! Where did you get them?!



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