Monday, June 20, 2011


The orchid I bought my mum the first special date after she passed away is going to bloom. Today the first flower has started to open.

Today is my birthday.

Late yesterday I lost my father in law, and my little people lost their grand-daddy.

"You grand-daddy" is at peace. Yesterday I held his hand, and told him all about the trip on the ferry with his grandchildren, hours before he passed away.

I am grateful for beautiful friends, one of which cooked me a birthday dinner, and made me a special slice.

I am grateful for a family I can still call my own, and an x husband who "made" me celebrate part of my birthday.

I love my gorgeous children who continue to show me life in a whole different light.

Taj said, "mummy, no cry. It is going to be alright. Grand-daddy is on the moon." {A moment, along with many my daughter showed me last night, that I will never forget. Keely is beyond amazing}.

I ate cake with my little people. They sung me happy birthday, and they blew out my candle.


  1. i am so sorry for your loss and yet feel peace at the thought his last moments were filled with love, hopefully so will your birthday. x

  2. Sorry for you loss Hayley.. I'm so glad your little people made your day so special, happy birthday. xx

  3. oh bless you Hayley,Its a good feeling having our little ones around us to lessen the pain xxx happy birthday, i am sad it had to be this way though xxxxx

  4. Thank God for family. Past, present and future.



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