Saturday, June 4, 2011

bloggers rock the stripes

Rocking the stripes for stripe mania!

You can read all about the stripes and what the mania is all about over at Holly's blog Decor8.

Not sure if the rules include little people, but how could I not include my little ones? They may not write my blog posts, but they are part of the heart that make up every aspect of Little Pinwheel. And let's be honest, it would not be a cool photo without them rocking their stripes too.


  1. cool! i am going to have to join in on this one :) Happy weekend!

  2. This is such a beautiful photo. Gorgeous, all 3 of you! :o)

  3. And you all rock those stripes sooooooooooo well!

  4. Loving all your stripes! So cute!
    Sophie x

  5. The littlest poppet swinging from the end there gave me THE BIGGEST smile. What a blessed & beautiful little family you are! : )



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