Wednesday, June 29, 2011

blink and you will see the grey

In a blink of an eye my little people have become big little people. They are not babies anymore. I wish I could put a brick on their heads and slow down this process. This is it for me. No more babies. I am done. I know big statement, but I do truly feel I have had my children. I know I am 98% sure of this. It would take an all kinds of awesome person to change this percentage, and the odds are not that great!

Is the feeling of not wanting more children the same as the clucky feeling you get as a woman when you initially have that desire for a baby. Did you feel it, or are you feeling it? Are you done?

There is a part of me that is sad to see that baby stage disappear with my son. But there is a HUGE part of me that is loving every moment of his development, even the random tantrums. And Keely is a whole different story, as she starts to read to me, and she becomes somewhat easy to parent.

I sit here writing this, and my little people have been at each other. They have a cubby house I built with the boxes that are ready for the big move. Taj has entered the house the wrong way. I am trying to do the let them sort it out parenting. Sometimes it works, and other times there are tears, and big mummy needs to step in. I have stepped in, and their home is rebuilt.

My mum used to tell me I gave her grey hairs. I get that now, as I blink and I too grow old with my big little people.

Taj calls me "big mummy."

I still call them my little people.


  1. such a gorgeous post!
    I have been the opposite lately, I am holding on to this little guy as he is growing up way tooo fast for me.
    I want to keep him little as I know he is my last baby.
    Amelie always seemed older and more independant.
    Aidan calls her his litile mummy & me his big mummy.

    i love their bond, I love our bond, I just love them to bits & I can see the love you have for your little people.

    big hugs big mummy ♥

  2. oh, what a lovley post...i´m not still done...i wish that we will have a second, too...not natural...but we will see...and yes they become older so fast...but i love every single moment with our girl...she will be "our little" forever...;)...thanks always for your wonderful words...touching me always so much...i send you much love and a big are so lovable, hayley...;)...cheers and hugs...i...

  3. Beautiful sentiments, and ones I have felt many times as I watch my own three grew into real live humans.

    I was done at three - I have never thought 'what if?'. x

  4. beautiful words xxx we are all the same as mummys, my last baby is growing so quickly i fear i am babying him too much, but he is a mummies boy which i do love xx i think all babies after the first seem to grow quickly because we are all so busy, all ican say is we need to slow down and enjoy it xxx



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