Sunday, June 19, 2011

the real life

Have you ever sat or even stood and peeled layers of yourself off? You know when you compare yourself to someone else. I guess you can call it 'putting yourself down,' or over analysing the person you are. I do it. I wish I didn't.

I think you should be happy with the person you are. You should better yourself because you choose to, not because you feel someone is hotter than you, or "better" than you believe you are. Yes, I am being a little too honest with the fact I peel myself apart. I wish at times I could rock a short skirt, show off my pins and leave nothing to the imagination. I wish I could fluff up my hair and rock the feminine look. All to attract a guy. And you do not have to say to me, that the right guy will like me for the person I am, as I know that. I am a woman doing what a woman does; peeling layers. So I will have my moment, suck it up, and move on. Until of course I look in the mirror and not see myself looking back!

I wrote the words above this morning. There are more to them, but now I add what truly is important. Life is too short. All of what I wrote means nothing. I don't get life at times, and why we think of small things that do not really shape us as the people we are.

The people we are already, without wishing for things that will not truly change what is inside, are who we should be. That person is the one that we should love; ourselves, without the layers removed.

And the thing is we will always think about the small things in life. {Even while you sit, and talk to someone that can no longer hear you. Watching someone take their last breaths in life}. That is life. That is what we do. The one thing it does to me is it makes me question life. And the thing is there is no answer. You just learn how to breathe without them physically here.

You take a part of them with you, and you continue to breathe yourself. You live life. And never forget them.

{The images above are for my children's grandfather. We went on the ferry for him. We had a beautiful day in the sunshine for 'you grand-daddy.' A week ago he was still talking about taking his grandchildren on the ferry. My little people love him to the moon and back, as I do too}.


  1. You are awesome! All you need to be is you.
    I hope you had a gorgeous fun day.
    That last photo is the best, look at those pretty smiling eyes you & Keely have.
    Have a happy week.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day.

    So simple and free.



  3. Don't peel off your layers, I like your layers!

    I think the trick is to have the layers, but make sure each one represents you in the rawest possible state. That's the key. Then you're happy with you.

    And you don't need to conform to silly notions of what a hot look is, either. Most guys will screw a 'hot' girl, but they only show their heart to a girl with a genuine smile and a look that just suits her, only her. x

  4. I like the way you are aware of the negative thoughts, you're on to them but also realise they are silly and just part of being human, let them float in, think "oh there you are again" but don't let them hang around too long :-)



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