Friday, June 24, 2011

the sun shines

This is the blog post that follows a hard day. A day that is already a blur. One that had me in bed before 7, with my little people. That in itself is not me. I am never in bed before 7. I did however try and sit up for a bit, pour a glass of red, and just reflect on the day a little. I got as far as pouring the wine, and somehow spilling the whole lot all over the bench. I stared at the puddle of red in disbelief. No tears. I shrugged my shoulders, wiped it up, and curled up in a ball in my bed.

The tears rolled. I fell asleep within minutes.

Where to from here? There is a lot happening in my life, and around me that I can write about. Life does go on. But those words seem to be disrespectful. I do know however, that my father in-law would want me to breathe, and be a beautiful mum to my little people. I will take one step, and from there I hope my feet will keep walking. And I will remember to stop. Breathe. Remember 'you-daddy,' and the love he showed myself and his grandchildren.

His grandchildren released a sea of colourful balloons into the sky.

The second orchid opened yesterday.

And today Keely is a cat.


  1. Keely is a pretty cat. I am sure your father in law would want you to breathe, and have these nice things happening in your life.

    I hope you have a nice weekend. x

  2. oh dear...i give you a big it just now...and be sure today was better...say, i´m right, or? will do your best everyday...and master thee challenge of life so great...sure...he is proud...proud of you and all what you do and will do later...cheers and hugs...i...



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