Wednesday, June 22, 2011

one rabbit; one day

I am having one of those days. You know the one, where you are not really rockin' it, but believe you are. That is me. The mother of the year is striking again today. I am going with it this week. Closing my eyes and hoping for the best.

I thought today was dress up as your favourite animal today as school. Keely wanted to be a cat, but we have no cat things. We have bunny ears, that she "borrowed" from a friend on the weekend. (She actually stole them, and has not taken them off. They will be returned). I walked Keely into school, and only saw a stream of uniform colours. No cats. No dogs. No birds.

One rabbit.

Mother of the year was being stared at by other parents, with sympathy faces. I sucked it up. Looked at Keely, and said, "I believe today is not bunny day." All it took was one child to walk up, and tell me, and I was almost in tears. I held Keely's hand, and we walked back to the car. By that stage I was giggling. Keely asked me why I was laughing, as we were now going to be late for school. I explained to her that sometimes you need to laugh.

The thing that rocks about today is the fact I know I can make Keely into a rabbit on Friday.


  1. you rock it with style, I have already told you that. ahhh, who cares about the stares, she looked awesome & will look even better on Friday.

    big hugs, you need a cuppa sweets ♥

  2. I've done that too, laughing is all you can do!!!

  3. ahh, this made me giggle as well. At least you are all set for Friday! Nice to have a laugh at the silly things.



  4. What a cute bunny she is ... and I am sure even cuter on Friday!

  5. What a bunny day - love this story - bless you for trying though - and she is the cutest bunny on the block :)



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