Thursday, June 16, 2011

a new home for us

I thought the whole looking for a new home would be a chore. One of those jobs you don't want to do, but know you have to do. I truly thought I would have a hard time finding something that felt like home.

The little people and I have found our new home, and to receive the phone call yesterday was awesome. Another weight lifted off my shoulders. We have a view of my favourite beach on the northern beaches, and our new home is perfect for us. There is a space for me to put a little pinwheel work area. And I just ordered the table and cabinet below from Mark Tuckey.

Now we have the job of packing. There will be a box that is labeled, "shit box." In here I will place the things that I do not want to deal with at the other end. I personally do not enjoy packing, but I plan on making this fun for us. I have never used a removalist and I have always been the one to lift the fridge down and upstairs. This will be the first time I get to watch someone else do it, and not supply beer and pizza at the other end.

I am very fortunate to have great friends, and one of those friends, has given me all of her boxes for moving. With thanks I took a treat for her, (yes that is the awesome chocolate surprise in the top photograph), which Kellie from Mini Must Have, shared with me over a cup of tea. Thank you Kellie, you rock!

Today has been a really great day. It is nice to have a great day, and know that this is the beginning of my new book of my life.

Thank you for your emails and comments about my father in-law. He is still fighting. I have nothing but love for this man who holds onto his incredible amount of dignity. He showed me what a father is, and I will never forget that.


  1. My pleasure lovely! Thanks for bringing that awesome treat with you today. Mmm, mmm, mmm! You should totally get that Mark Tuckey table and don't forget our little date with Matt Blatt ;)

  2. gorgeous desk! & I am sure you will be so happy in your new dwelling! wow a view of the beach - perfect XO

  3. oh this sounds wonderful, my dear...and merci for your sweet message at FB...;) make me, and your new office will become a wonderful place of creativity...i´m sure...great furniture...i wish you all the best for this big move and if I lived closer, I would carry the fridge for you...;)...have a lovley day and celebrate your new sweet home...cheers and hugs...i...

  4. I am so in love with Mark Tuckey furniture. We drive past his shop about once a month and husbandos will never let me stop and go in. As minister of household finances he thinks it's his right to stop me. Happy moving, it will be great once you get to the other end.

  5. Oh, they are fabulous bits of furniture!! Nice purchase. I'm sorry to hear about your father in-law, take care and Happy Birthday.



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