Monday, June 6, 2011

simplicity is confidence

There is a lot happening right now. There is some awesome, and there is some sad. I need to take some time and enjoy the simple things around me. I am sure I won't take a break, but I believe my blog posts will be with little substance. There might be days of just an image, or there might be days with nothing.

The simple things are what make me happy. Simple monday afternoons with my beautiful girl; a waffle together, coffee for me, and reading the new books from the library in our favourite space away from home. This is our thing we do on a monday.

Girls rock!


  1. sometimes the simple things are often the best. I adore your photogrpahs. They speak mountains...x


  2. Enjoy the small things. Focus on what matters. It's hard to remember that sometimes. Take care.



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