Tuesday, May 3, 2011

to have it; dignity

I have crap going on. We all have crap. Mine is a little crap, mixed with some huge things. Some sad, some happy. It has made me really latch onto my little people, and to my friends. So if I am doing random posts, about nothing, then you know that is my way of saying hi. It also allows me to push away the hurt and flashbacks. I am not really at liberty to share what the sad is. But know that the sad is fighting for their life, and doing it with their head held high.


Dignity is something I hope I have throughout my life.


  1. you have it in spades lady! x captn

  2. Liberty is a strange word isn't it? Liberal, liberated, liberty. You are at liberty, my dear, to feel sad. Be safe. Be strong.

  3. Sending my love. You have permission to feel however you want, whenever you want xxx



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