Monday, May 30, 2011

no blinkers

There is nothing like rocking out the list of jobs you have given yourself. I am not a list person. Well I don't write them down. I write them in my head. Sometimes I forget things, but most of the time I can visually see the stuff and things. I can see the red line through the stuff and things when they are complete. There are times I try to visually see that red line, (some might call this cheating), even though I know very well I have not done them. They are the shit jobs! No one wants to do them.

At the moment I am doing things that are on my list with complete tunnel vision. I can see the light at the end, and I am going for it. I set myself a challenge to run 150km in 4 weeks. This is my thing on the side to keep me focused. Running is my form of relaxation. Although over the weekend a guy I know asked, "so have you been punishing your body today?"

The only punishment my body is receiving is the lack of sleep, and the fact I forgot to eat again. There are herbs here now, which will help with the sleep. The eating is there, just not enough, and I have to remind myself. I will eat. I have 150kms to run, and cannot do that without fuel.

I cannot wait to write blog posts about our new home we set up. I cannot wait to blog about my trip to the USA in September. (My passport arrived today, and it is ready for stamps). I cannot wait to share the all kinds of awesome that is going to happen.

For now there is a list to work through. I hope for no curve balls. I don't think I can hit a curve ball. I am all for that home run.



  1. You will totally rock that home run - and passports! Woooo hooooo!

  2. Good times ahoy! The next few months are going to be pretty damn fine for you my friend!



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