Friday, May 27, 2011

my first love

Do you remember your first love? You know that love where you wrote each other cute letters, and gave each other soft teddy bears, flowers and chocolates on every special occasion. I remember mine. I found everything he gave me in a box yesterday. His name was Tim, and he was my first boyfriend. Tim was my first true love.

To go through all the sweet love letters, photos of our time together was a fun time. I wish I never lost contact with Tim. I know he would be married with children, as he was a really sweet guy. And I was the one that let him go!

He used to call me "bubby."

"Dear Hayley, I know that your a little uncertain about aspects of your life at the moment, but I know that with my help we will be able to sort them out. However no matter how long or how hard it is or takes I will always be by your side. You mean everything to me and I love you with all my heart, and remember I will always be here. Lost of love Tim xxx"

Tim wrote me the words above in 1996, the year I faced my abuse. What a beautiful and kind hearted young man he was. There are many more cards, and words. Some of which really make me cry. They are words from someone that was very much in love. I loved him too. And I hope with all of my heart that he is dancing his life with a beautiful woman, and he has a love he deserves.

Do you remember your first love? Did you do the cute notes, and have you kept them all?

A shoebox of memories I will one day share with my children, when they too find their first loves.

My weekend is all about cleaning, and only taking with me the things that bring me joy.

Happy weekend! x


  1. remember to my first love?...;)...sure, of course...and these special memories are still in my heart...its always exciting to go on a trip into the lovley people you have still in your mind...always special and always worth to remember...its fine if you could think about old relationsships in this kind of way...wish you a lovley sunny weekend with your cute little ones and so much more...drink a wine for me, too...;)...cheers my dear friend...a big hug...i...

  2. Wow, that is amazing. I am married still to my first love. Very blessed. We listened to this song yesterday and thought how interesting it would be if we did have someone who had a place in this song. I think it will really speak to you.... xo Rach

  3. I love adele..... she is amazing, and I love this song. There is someone that I care about, and I think I can pretty much say this song talks to me because of this person. thank you xx

  4. xox have a blessed night, hope you sleep well! I'm off to bed with my new book! Rach x

  5. lovely...I have a little box of treasures like this.

    I wanted to pop by and say thankyou for your amazing comment on an earlier post on my blog. You also have your own journey...thankyou for sharing.

    Sweet dreams xox

  6. Yes, first (real) love stays with you forever. Mine was so formative in so many aspects of defining my imagination, bravery and confidence to go forth and follow my passion. We both moved on long long ago but recently had a drink together when in the same country and both sighed/laughed at how our (young)predictions for our lives had tuned out. Tis the first time I have commented here as was irresistable being day of said first loves birthday! Thanks for the shared reminder.



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