Thursday, May 12, 2011

to drive with acceptance

There is nothing like sparking a conversation amongst women. We talk. That is what women do. However at times we do keep things to ourselves, especially when it comes to parenting and all that comes with being a mother. Is it because of the feeling of judgement? That competitiveness that some of us may feel. We all want to be mother of the year. I know I do for my children, and for them alone. Who cares what other women think? We do, don't we? I do. Self conscious. Only at times.

I accept the woman I am. I accept the mother I am. I still have moments. We all have moments if we are mothers or not, if we are a man or a woman, if we are an adult or a child, if we have acceptance or not. That I think is normal. We all would like to be the best people we can be. We just have to do that for ourselves.

I did it for me.

There was a crossroad and I had a choice. I chose to accept me. To accept the life I now had. That was hard; to accept a motherless daughter, to accept a single mum, to accept walking on my own, and to accept that my body had changed.


I am me. Me sometimes sucks, (and most of the time I rock). Me sometimes has hard times. I tackle each day as it comes, and I do it with a smile. I do it knowing that tomorrow will be better. Even in a moment it can be better. You just need to find that moment, or believe that moment will come.

I believe I have that sexy woman back due to finding me. No matter which me I am today, the happy me, the sad me, the funny me, the awesome me, the sick me, I am still living a day with acceptance.

That is how I got my drive back. My drive for life. My drive to suck that air in everyday. And dare I say my sex drive.

Thank you for being you, and being brave, and telling it like it is. Some women never loose that drive after having a baby, and some of us do. It is nice to talk about it. Talking means you are not alone.


  1. thanks, dear hayley...your lines are so touching and encouraging...and you are so right...talking about something gives you a are so wonderful...really...a big hug...cheers and take care of you, dear friend...i...

  2. You have that drive because you found yourself. THAT is an awesome thing. You have drive for your little people and for your little pinwheel - these are the things that keep you going. These are the things that make life worthwhile.
    Keep rocking it chick. x

  3. We are not alone - I am so delighted I have found your blog xoxox



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