Sunday, May 22, 2011

handyman blease

I wore the pants, the painting pants. I fixed things, I painted, I painted some more, and I cleaned. I also rocked it as mum, had a bus ride with the little people, and I worked those thunder thighs of mine on the biggest run I have ever ran. {14.58km, half marathon here I come}!

I am getting things done. I have learnt how to breathe again. I am eating again, if you call eating adriano zumbo's sourdough bread soaked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar eating. (Oh my)!

My home stinks! {Lavender burning overtime}

A new week begins. I know mine is going to be a ride that I will enjoy at times, and at other times I will want to get off. Maybe I can see it as a bus ride. I will get off at the stops where it is too hard, and hop back on when the next bus comes.

I was reminded about fresh flowers. I will buy them again. This time there will be a different reason for them. They will be my reminder of the life I have in front of me.

My home will be on the market in two weeks. My little people and I are moving.

Thank you to those beautiful friends who offered to open their homes to us. Two of which live in 2 bedroom apartments. I am a very lucky person to have caring friends. They are my family. I have hope that we will not be without a place to move to. And I will not have to take up these offers.

Time to create new memories, take the positives out of the negatives, remember to breathe, and do it all with a little dance in my step.

I am going to build a new home with my little people!


  1. new week, fresh start. wishing you a positive week ahead, coffee date soon?

  2. Sourdough & olive oil is great eating Hayley...the best in my opinion! x

  3. A new home sounds exciting - freshness. I was just saying how I love our new home. We have been here for almost four months. No regrets. Love to you xo Keep eating xo

  4. good luck with everything hayley. hope you sell your house super easily & to just the right people (for a super great price!) & then move on to the perfect new place. i know you'll make it all work. x captn

  5. Oh exciting times! Fingers crossed it all goes well. Zumbo Sourdough sounds like perfect food to me!



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