Wednesday, May 11, 2011

to dance on the paper

Do you ever over do things. You know think about it too much, and then freak? Well I have freaked. And, yes it is all over the blog post I spoke about yesterday. It is full on. It is something that I am not too sure if I truly do want to share. Some of my closest friends do not even know, and I think it might be something I need to really think about, and be careful about, before I share it. There is nothing wrong, and I am truly fine, and still happy. This is something that happened to someone very close to me early this year.

I also believe that it could be looked at differently as this post is for a competition, and I believe that this subject needs to be standing out on its own. Don't worry I have awesome to share for my drive post! I am sharing the funny side of me, and a little bit serious too. Something I am sure will spark conversation.

I am sorry that I am not ready to share this, but know one day I will. I just need to loose the freakiness of it all, and write it from the heart, and share when the time is right. I have rewritten it too many times for it to be what I would like it to be. It needs to just come out, and be like I am sitting in front of you, and each word freely coming from within.

That is how I write. And how I want to continue to write. It should be easy, just like dancing on a piece of paper.


  1. oh...I have those moments all the time. It was lovely to meet you Monday night. This space here is just as fabulous as I imagined. Thankyou for bringing me this way xoxoxo

    Kellie x

  2. very cryptic , I like it ♥

  3. I love that term, 'dancing on paper'... congrats on being nominated as a Top 50 Blogger! Looking forward to reading more of your posts :) x

  4. share when you are ready and when it feels right -its worked for you so far..x



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