Sunday, May 1, 2011

rock the lunchbox (and the school mum)

It is time to kicky POW into the new week. The first full week for the return of school. Last week was a warm up with only two days, and I have had today to prepare for the week ahead. I decided this week I am going to rock it. I am going to be the cool mum in the playground by baking muffins for Keely. You and I both know, that does not make me a better mum, or even the cool mum, but to little people that is the bomb. There is nothing better than opening up that lunchbox to a homemade muffin.

To the teacher I may not look so good. A daughter that does not have any fruit in her lunchbox. It is all about the dairy for her, a wrap, some savoury biscuits, and of course that muffin, with hidden apple!

Kicky POW!


  1. Yum to the muffins! Beautiful photo :)

  2. What a gorgeous photo! And yes you will be the coolest Mum around... home made cooking is always the talk of the town at school. Pity I didn't realise it back in the day, when I always longed for my friends packet of twisties, instead of my Mama's cookies & slices made with love.

  3. You will rock the second term lovely! And (shhh, don't tell anyone) but it's always nice as a teacher to see the smile on a kid's face when they spot a yummy treat in their lunchbox!!



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