Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my decision to use my voice

People tell me I am strong. My friends tell me. Strangers tell me. I am only just starting to believe I truly am; to an extent. I am not as strong as some of you may believe. I still have moments of weakness. Not that I would like to call it weakness. I think it is more a step backwards, in which I can make two steps forward. I believe that if you believe in yourself enough that you can do anything. I learnt this from my mum. She told me I could be anything in life. She told me I could do anything that my heart wanted. My mum was right. She truly is right.

I made the decision to survive. I made the decision to not be scared anymore. I guess that is why I blog. I write to share the fear. When you share it, the fear is not as scary as you thought it was. And I must say to use my words, and for them to be your words is a beautiful thing.

I won't stop sharing the awesome times in my life, the hard times, the fun times, and the sad times. There is someone out there that is feeling the same. And I won't feel so alone, and neither will you.

There are things that drive me in life, and one of them is the words I can freely type, or write. I love that I was shown I could dance with words. And I love that I was shown by you, that I can dance for you.

Thank you. x


  1. Never stop using your voice...it's an amazing voice xx

  2. It is such a freedom isn't it - blogging that is. I think you are teaching me to let go and not be afraid to have a voice. This is something I have been afraid to do for so long. Thankyou Pinwheel.... xo



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