Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sharing it

There are times in your life when you have something that happens that you wish you could share to the most important person, but they are no longer here. My mum was that person. Now I have this blog where I share things. Sometimes it feels like I am blowing my own trumpet and other times I feel like I am writing about pity. But it is far from either of these two things.

I write here because it is a safe place to share my voice. (I know it is a little random to have a place which is open to the world that feels so safe; that is blogging). This is a place to share the real. You know those real life things that we bury, or never really face. Or things we wish we could shout out to the world, with a big jump in the air. This is it. This is my place. This is your place.

Yesterday, as you know I was in the best children's fashion magazine in Australia, and it was always a dream of mine, and now I am there. I truly am there, and it feels surreal. And oh so awesome. (That is my shout out, and big jump in the air). This is my proud moment, that I wish I could share.

I also had the top 50 bloggers cocktail party and it was such a great night meeting amazing, and inspirational bloggers. As you know, I have to do a blog post to hopefully make it to the top 5. This post needs to be on "drive." I have written two blog posts, and they are saved as drafts. I have one I was going to post that is a little inspirational, I guess, and another that is very raw, and very inspirational(?). I was scared to share the raw. And after last night, I am not so scared.

Being here, and writing here, is not about pity, it is not about patting myself on the back, or blowing my own trumpet. It is about using my voice, and not being scared to share. It is about hopefully touching you all in some way. Somedays I won't even make you laugh, and somedays you won't cry, and somedays you won't feel anything. But these days that you feel nothing, someone out there, even if it is one person will feel something. I think that is enough. I believe you can change one person's life.

When you see my post, it is not pity. It is not about "winning." It is about sharing awareness, and giving hope.


  1. Hi Hayley,
    I saw you in the magazine. Just wanted to say congrats and I thought you did a great job at curating your fave picks... Cute photo, too!

    Looking forward to this post you're talking about :)

    claire x

  2. wow congratulations, its so fabulous to reach goals we set, well done x

  3. Great things are happening for you! Congratulations. Kellie xx

  4. wow, you said it so well, I always read your posts, and always feel you are voicing your journey so well, not with self pity, but with upmost honesty and you are /can only be so honest and real, I believe, if you feel deeply loved and always will be, in your life it's your mom.
    IF we are really loved we dare, to do, express, try, live life openly. Your words for me personally, you posts help me so much with the stages of grief I am going thru since I have lost my mom last June. You have made a HUGE difference in my grieving process. Thank you,

  5. You're definately a winner Hayley. I look forward to buying my copy tomorrow. You seem to be going from strength to strength, and inspiring others along the way - including me. I just wish I had your drive! Looking forward to reading your post(s). x Al

  6. you are awesome - that is all that you need.

  7. Congrats!! You did an amazing job.:-) I agree with you too. Blogging is my way of venting out what I really want to say with regards to what I feel without being scared.



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