Thursday, May 19, 2011

talk about mojo

Over the last week I have created conversations. I spoke about my sex drive with my post to win a new Ford Territory for a year, and $5000. This created conversation here, on my personal facebook page, my business facebook page, twitter, via text messages, over coffee and wine with my friends, and amongst their friends.

You can create conversation by words, by your actions, your appearance, and by wearing socks and sandals. Talking about sex after little people is a conversation that did spark some interesting responses. I am not too sure if it will be seeing me driving around in a new Ford Territory, but it sure did help women feel they were not alone in their lack of sex drive, or lack of time to even think about their sex drive.

Mojo: a slang word for self confidence, self esteem or sex appeal.

Did you know there is a wine called Mojo? I found it last weekend, and had to buy it.

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  1. That's a hot outfit! Keep being awesome! xx

  2. cool, cool rock...really...go out and have fun...;)...its so great to be with you and your journey "life"...have a lovley sunny cozy weekend with your lovable kiddies...and take care...a big hug...cheers...yours "sister" from the other side of the world...i...



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