Thursday, May 5, 2011

a baby tummy

I have an announcement to make..... Taj is pregnant! He has a baby in his tummy. His baby grew in his tummy on Tuesday. He had a sore tummy, and told me it was because there was a baby in there. Apparently it is a BIG baby.

Taj tells me that his baby is a girl, and she is coming out at 2. After telling me the exciting news Taj continues to say that the baby is not coming out. She is staying inside.

I am not too sure when Taj's baby is coming out, or if she will just disappear. I will let you all know if we have a birth. I have no doubt if we do that this will be a very interesting time.

Congratulations to my little rockstar... you are going to be a dad!


  1. Oh he is delightful Hayley! I just love the way littlies take something and put their own spin on it... and why not, I say! It makes for some beautiful memories for their Mama's to keep :o)

  2. Gorgeous! How old is Taj? 2 maybe.... okay - I am off to write some essays now - no more blog stalking tonight! xo



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