Monday, November 1, 2010

did you trick or treat halloween

For the first time I wished my neighborhood was into halloween. I really wanted to hang out with the little people in the street and have an afternoon full of treating. I am not usually into halloween. It is not really a big deal in australia.

With Keely having her halloween day at pre school on friday I got all excited and had great memories of myself trick or treating. I remember our whole street was involved in halloween, and it was a great late afternoon spent with your friends in the street. Come to think of it that is what we always did. We hung out together every afternoon after school, on our roller skates. Think Xanadu.

I am sure one year we will get right into it. For now we will dress up.

Did you celebrate halloween? If so what did you or your little people dress up as?


  1. Usually we don't celebrate Halloween, but we did this year. My children dress up, ate lollies and we carved a pumpkin. It was a lot of fun, will do it again next year.

    We didn't trick or treat though, I didn't want the kids eatting things that strangers gave them.

  2. Hayley,
    You'll have to pop over the hill to Curly next year. Check out Scardey Cat Alley on my blog.
    Have a good week.

  3. We had so much fun at the Halloween party we went to yesterday. My friend that organises it does a letterbox drop saying that kids will be trick or treating at 6pm and if they want to participate to put a balloon on their fence so kids know which doors to knock on .... This year I think there were about 60 kids trick or treating with so many lovely neighbours getting involved ... Was great fun!!

  4. Next year, let's go together. We had such fun, despite the rain. The kidlets went ker-azy trick or treating. Love these pics of gorgeous Keely.

  5. I cracked up when I saw Xanadu. Seriously that was my sister and mine's favourite film when we were little. My Mum recorded it off the TV onto VHS. We still refer to it now. Genius.
    My husband and I went as Cowboys and Indians and took our nephews (a scary pirate and Batman) trick or treating. So much chocolate, so little time.

    Keely looks so cute in her hat xx



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