Tuesday, November 2, 2010

rock on and giddy-up

So I have this thing. Every now and then I come up with a saying. This can be a one liner, one word, or just something I have randomly come up with. The crazy thing is, I think I am funny. It is like my own running joke. I am sure I am the only one laughing. But I must admit if it is making this mummy laugh everyday, than it cannot be that bad; can it?

"rock on with your bad self"

{for the record, I am laughing}

Where did it start? This one came from my saying "rock on" that I have been running with for the past few months. This is just a new and longer version. Not sure how long it will last, or when I will get sick of saying it. At the moment I am loving it. I am laughing. The little ones are laughing and I am running with it.

So have a rockin' day, giddy-up melbourne, and rain rain go away come again at the end of summer, (except for the farmers).


  1. My favourite at the moment is "suck it up".
    You're 19 and you don't like the meal put in front of you that you (a) didn't make (b) didn't shop for and (c) didn't pay for ... SUCK IT UP.
    You're 16 and you lost your wallet. In your room. For the 12th time this week. ... SUCK IT UP and CLEAN YOUR ROOM.
    You're 21 and you've been watching DVDs all day and you don't like that someone has turned on the news and asked you to remove your full length from the one of two couches five people need to sit on. SUCK IT UP.
    I think the only difference is I have said it so often, it's not funny anymore.
    I need something new.
    A friend of mine rattled off the Lifeline number to his kids, adding "Tell someone who cares". That made me laugh.

  2. I think you are funny too x

  3. ha ha your hilarious! we all have to come up with random sayings to make us laugh and get through the day. How's about you giddy up and rock on with your bad self?

  4. Love it.
    Our saying here is "Rock it out sister"!

  5. Ha!
    Thats definately beating my, "peace out, girl scout'. :)

  6. love it lady, now you've me smiling...

  7. Blease! You are the biggest dag. But I loves ya. that photos is friggin ace. rock on with your good self. xxx



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