Saturday, November 6, 2010

the voice

You know there comes a time in your life when someone comes over and pees on your pole. Your space. You are quite happy with your life. There are some ups and downs. But everybody has ups and downs. We all have our hard times. Our really horrible news in our families. We all have awesome times too. And there is unfortunately that person, or sometimes people who like to come and have a little spray with their pee and mark a bit of negativity into your day.

This is for you.... and for all of those cats out there trying to mark their territory, and to ruin someone else's day. Find your own pole, and if you come back, only come back with a positive attitude, and something nice to say.

Have an awesome weekend! Forget about the cats, and love who you are. Listen to this amazing voice....

thanks Lexi for showing me the perfect song!


  1. the songs great but your words before it were better!!!
    I've had one of those days with lots and lots of pee and nonsense things that don't even need to be said, you wonder if these cats that always say the negative thing or are always that one more up than you, are happy cats.
    They are inspiring words 'find your own pole to pee on' or come back positive.
    You made my night better, I can now go and enjoy pizza, a glass of wine and dvd with my hubby - and b happy.

  2. You are an inspiration - don't let anyone rain on your parade. And if they do - make sure you have a beautiful umbrella. x



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