Monday, November 22, 2010

our pulp christmas

The big red man is coming! He is watching all those elves make the toys to deliver on christmas eve. There is joy spreading around this little pinwheel home. I am loving all the projects happening with Keely and her pre school, carols, graduation day, and this week a week of wearing her new school uniform. {Oh I cannot wait to see her in her uniform. There will be tears}.

I am slowly getting organised, actually I feel like I am on top of everything when it comes to christmas. I have some creative ideas happening in my head, and I have started to act on them. I went to Pulp a week or so ago and started to buy the christmas decorations around the colour theme we have chosen. Keely and I chose to have gold, orange and yellow.

We went back there yesterday and bought a few more things to go with our theme, and some more decorations to fill our new, modern tree. Keely introduced a new colour to the theme.

Last year we used sticks for our tree, which was a lot of fun. This year we chose a tree that will always be up and be part of our home once christmas is over.

On the first of december we will put the tree up and decorate our home; unless of course my little people twist my arm, and they would not have to twist if far.

This is such a beautiful time of the year, my favourite time of the year.

Pop in to Pulp, and say hi to Sabina, the new and very talented owner. She has her own blog, Bengal Rose which showcases her amazing illustrations, and you can find them in Pulp.


  1. pulp xmas tree decos and wrapping paper are the BEST! we have sticks and we also bought a potted xmas tree yesterday so hopefully we can use it again next year. oli told me yesterday that he was so excited about xmas. it`s my fave time of the year we well. espesh with kiddies x

  2. Cute Cute Cute! I want to live in that shop.

  3. I bet it's going to look beautiful Habbles. Can't wait to see it all up. (what colour did Keely choose?) x

  4. looks beautiful. it is a special time of year. i think i could lurk in that shop for many hours.. maybe it's a good thing it's not in my home town :)

  5. Doesn't the shop look insane at the moment. I was there yesterday. I'm making a recycled wood tree and stopped by to pick up just a few amazing decorations. Including a Mexican tin heart which stopped my heart!! Sabina is a true talent. I adore her illustrations and so does my ten year old son. Enjoy this crazy time of year and Keely's pre-school activities... P.S. Aren't those Indian Reindeers to die for. Pruxxx



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