Thursday, November 4, 2010

maeve magazine is summer

Tomorrow Maeve magazine is out. It is their summer issue and it is going to be awesome. I am completely chuffed with this mag, and I cannot wait to sit with my tea and have a read. There are a bunch of inspirational people contributing.

I am really proud to say I am in there. It is a place where you can be totally you. Feel safe to write about the things in your life that are more naked and real. There is happiness, there is sadness, and the best part is there is support.

Thank you Lou and Kate. You are both truly beautiful. You have given many writers a voice.

Go and subscribe and tomorrow you will see the magazine link pop up in your inbox.

The image above is all about summer. Don't you just love watermelon to quench your thirst..... what is the deal with the weather today? Come on Sydney!


  1. That's exciting!

    Loving the photo - watermelon is my fav... and those eyes are gorgeous!!

  2. I have not subscribed to an online mag before it free? How does it work? It sounds wonderful. Loving your blog, great photos & thoughts as always!

  3. hi jane, yes it is free! you follow the link on the "subscribe" word and put in your email address. They send you an email when it is on their website and click you are there reading an awesome mag for free! x

  4. I have just read your article in Maeve Hayley, very powerful & personal. You have a lot of courage, many people with thank you for it I am sure.



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