Friday, November 19, 2010

the time

Yesterday was one of these days.....

A day where it did not matter how much organisation I put in or how good my time management was. I did not stop. It was all go. Go. GO! I kind of love it that way. Only of course if there is time to recoup and have tools down time. I was lucky enough to get a walk in. Even if it was to walk to the shops to post a last minute order. Music on. Felt those feet in my saltwater sandals, felt the wind in my hair and the groove in my step.

Life is busy. I just made mine busier. Not sure where I will find the hours. I have had emails, lots of emails, with that question. The answer I have is, "I have no idea, but don't you believe that you just find the time?"

Enjoy your weekend!

{Keely is home early. Nice to have her home. She is modeling the new Stella Cove swimwear, in store now}!


  1. ok if elke was a wee but older and it wasnt, like, 5 degrees here she would so be wearing the stella cove bird print cozzie. glad you have your keely back x



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