Wednesday, November 10, 2010

here I am.

I am dancing. Have you seen me dance. I am pretty good. If I do say so myself! I have quite a bit of balance right now and the feet are groovin' to some awesome beats. Heartbeats. My little people's hearts.

Come watch me dance in the new issue of Maeve. Summer issue. Here comes the sun.

Enjoy an online magazine full of awesomeness. You can see Natalie in there from the Pagoda Tree. She helped me put those dancing shoes on. I have Nat to thank. {thank you x}. She can help you dance through summer. Go and put those dancing shoes on.

Let's dance.


  1. oh you are just so welcome! sending so much love your way... There are many things you do for me too. Dance baby dance!

    p.s. how funny, I put my images the other way around to yours on my post today! SNAP lady SNAP!

  2. I just had a squizz at Maeve, it's fab. A must read from now on. Your article and that beautiful photo are very special/powerful, indeed.

  3. Hayley, I loved your piece in Maeve. Very honest - thank you so much. I reckon you're doing brilliantly!

  4. Hi Hayley, I read your piece in Maeve too and I have to admit I shed a tear. You are so brave and honest. If I knew you in the real world (not the blogging world) I would give you a big hug. Very inspiring!

  5. one of the strongest ladies around - dance your heart out! x

  6. i love it when women are honest and share their struggles, it is powerful for all of us.

    ps. the photo is quite stunning.

  7. Wow, what a great read. So inspiring and honest. Congratulations.

  8. brave and honest, you courageous woman!



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