Thursday, November 18, 2010

meet the NEW faces behind maeve....

Here is the new owners of Maeve magazine. We cannot show you their faces. No they are not dentists. They believe that Maeve already has a face. They are the nurturers that will help her grow. Maeve is about showing the true woman and a lot of self portraits. This is a self portrait of the three women that will be behind her all the way.

The women that write the stories that go into her each issue, along with the women and people that read her are her face. It is about growth, not change. Nurturing her.

Yes they are my pins. I am one owner. {freakin' awesome}!

Yes that is Nat's beautiful smile in the photo I hold. She is one owner.

Yes that is a super cool graphic by Jodi from ITCH. She is one owner.

{I am doing a happy dance. I even did the full Toyota advert jump in the air. Big shoes to fill. But awesome shoes to fill. Life just got a whole lot more chaotic and creative}!

Thank you Lou and Kate for creating such an awesome magazine for women, and allowing us to be part of the next phase in her life.


  1. Congrats Hayley, Jodi & Nat! So excited for you all!! xo

  2. OH WOW!!!!!!!! how exciting Hayley!!! wonderful. I am SO happy for you & I know you will continue to keep Maeve gorgeous & delightful XO

  3. Congratulations Hayley, so exciting, looking forward to reading more Maeve x

  4. That's awesome, congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Habbles! I am so thrilled for you and I'm sure you are going to make her beautiful. Well done lovely friend. xx

  6. Seriously? I love Maeve. Congratulations and sure you will do great things with it.

  7. Wow Hayley, that's such great news. You are one very talented gal with great taste and a great eye for good design (and hot pegs!). I love Maeve, the stories, graphics and photography. I know you'll do a great job. Congratulations! x

  8. wow hayley! amazing! congratulations beautiful!! i know i'll like maeve even more now :)



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