Thursday, November 25, 2010

it is back

Taj has one ear infected. I truly believed we would never be here again. Two months after the operation and he is in pain again. The poor little guy has been sucking it up and not really complaining at all. Modern medicine to kill it fast and then I am back to my doctor for some natural remedies to keep him well. I am truly lucky to have such an awesome little boy. I am also lucky to have been referred to such a fantastic specialist who saw Taj within 20 minutes of phoning the surgery. It was 6pm last night and I had hope that someone was still there.

Taj was telling me all about his sore ear. "Mummy this one good. Ear oweeeee. Sore."


  1. NOOOO! HOw can this happen?? I hope he has a swift recovery. Such a beautiful boy and an awesome mama. x

  2. Do you have a good chiropractor nearby? Can anyone recommend one to you?

    Both my eldest and youngest children suffered from ear infections and the best thing I ever did for them was take them to the chiropractor for them.

    The chiropractor would be the best person to tell you the technical information about why adjustments to the upper vertebrae can help, so I won't try and muddle through it.

    But honestly, I know some people don't like chiro's but it really did help our littlies.

  3. Oh no. Poor little dude. Oli had an ear infection after grommets but it was because he accidently got water in his ears, thanks to those water jets on Manly Corso. But that was the one and only time and hopefully this will be the same for Taj. He sounds like one awesome little guy. x

  4. oh, so sorry for this...hope it would be better and send you good thoughts, my dear...its long ago i had time to write here, but i never forgot you...sure...take care and i think to you and little Taj...all the best...a big hug and cheers...i...



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