Tuesday, November 30, 2010

keely flew into her orientation

There comes a moment, actually there has been several moments, where they just grow up so fast. It is like you gave them wings and they are using them. Keely is in full flight. Yesterday she went to her orientation at her "big" school, and she looked so big. Even in plain clothes, no uniform, and in between her two buddies, she was still so big. It was like she grew up in that moment.

I have no doubt this will not be the last time that I look at her and wonder where the time has gone. She does not stop surprising me. She makes me proud everyday. My little girl is awesome. Totally, and completely awesome.

She sat and did not say a word for almost the whole hour and a half. She did not even do the drawing like the other children. She only opened her mouth 10 minutes before the orientation was over. My little girl is shy. Well she was shy yesterday. I know I was when I was a little girl, and even today I can be rather shy. It is protection. And let's be honest, that would have been really full on for a little person.

Keely still drew her beautiful picture, and told me I was not allowed to look until she was finished.

Beautiful. A reflection of her day.


  1. Oh how beautiful and special! I have a few tears as my youngest starts high school next year. I am leaving a beautiful school with beautiful people. Although it is time to move on it so sad as I will not be there as often as I am now, walking my baby to school and home again. I will surely miss everything. But I will enjoy watching my little girl grow and mature like her beautiful big sister.

    Enjoy every moment. xx

  2. Such gorgeous shots - says SO much. Dreading when my big boy goes off to school next year. Sigh.

  3. They sure do grow up fast. My youngest daughter is starting "kinder" here in Tas next year - 2 days a week, and I can't believe it. Seems like only yesterday she was a baby. My eldest is in Grade 2 next year, that's nearly half way thru primary school already! Keely is just gorgeous and I'm sure she'll thrive at school. :)

  4. Gorgeous

    I especially like the one of you peeping in the window!

    x Al

  5. Ah such a shame Keely has to wear a school uniform. She would`ve been the best dressed kid at her school for sure! xx

    Ps Do all the Little Pinwheel people have to have such awesome hair?! Amazing.



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