Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am woman hear me roar

Oh the rain. One plan for the week has not happened, and it is sadly not going to happen again. Taj and I were meant to go for a horsey ride walk up the beach with the ergo carrier. We might get a gap in the rain, in which time we will have to do some crazy mummy walking, like I did in the mall yesterday.

I accomplished and survived the christmas shopping at the mall. That was my massive plan of the week. The one that I knew would cause me the most pain. I wanted to get the shopping done in one go. Anything that did not come home with me will be bought online or locally. I am not a fan of the mall, and I take that deep breath, and then run around like some crazy lady. Taj was on his scooter and we were racing around together. It was all completed in an hour and a half. All I can think of right now is Helen Reddy, I am woman hear me roar!

We came home with lots of well known and popular toys. They love them, and christmas is all about the little people! The advent calendar even made it into the trolley, toy story for Taj and barbie for Keely. Taj chose them, and to my surprise he has forgotten about the whole shopping adventure, {phew}. Must have been the lightning fast santa mummy. I am happy to say this fast mummy got the hard part done, the rest is all the pretty and creative gifts. Although, I do need one more commercial gift for Keely, but I could not bring myself to walk out with a Baby Alive doll.

Have you started your christmas shopping, or finished?


  1. Gees, you're organised. I was thinking of doing most of it online this year. The adults in my family do a Kris Kringle and we give each other vouchers for delish restaurants so I can do that over the phone. Basically, I don't need to leave the house!

  2. trip to the mall - tick!

    did you get some shorts?


  3. Gasp! I have barely started. Starting to freak out.

    Loving your organisation! x



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