Tuesday, November 16, 2010

home alone

This week it is just me and my little Taj Joan. I had grand plans for us. In my head it was going to be so cruisey. Two little people down to one. Easy. I can hear Taj giggling right now, "yeah right mummy!" {And please do not let that cute face fool you.... }.

Yesterday was a hard one. Taj was in a mood. I am not sure how those stars are aligned, or what that moon is doing, but they sure didn't help my day yesterday. It could also be that he was just having a bad day. That is very normal. He is also missing 4 teeth, and he could be pushing them through. I am not game to put my hands in there to check it out.

I bought trains for Taj. He is obsessed with Keely's Ikea train set and he told me he wanted to have 2 more trains. Two soon turned into three. So off we potted to the shops in the rain and I bought him three thomas trains..... bad decision. He gets frustrated with them. He wants them to stay in a big line and not fall off. They were not playing nice with him and in turn there were tears, tantrums and more tantrums, and then laughing and smiles. (Picture Taj's moods going around and around that train track).

There are times when the gift of giving is not the best thing to do. Or as some might call it, bribing our children can sometimes backfire. I am not sure what I was bribing him for. But I truly believe this close to christmas a gift was not necessary. Looks like I will be buying the whole train track for christmas. Have you seen the price of the Thomas train tracks? Oh my; now I am having the tears, tantrums and more tantrums all the way around the Thomas train track.

There is still 4 days of grand plans left!


  1. Oh bless him, if he were any cuter i'd eat him!

  2. My son was the same! We have mixed our ikea train set with Thomas engines plus a train table and bits and bobs off ebay. Whoever invented Thomas must be a billionaire!

  3. I have grand plans for this week too. Great post :)



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