Monday, November 29, 2010

craft monday: the start of our wreath

This week is all about the lead up to christmas in our little pinwheel home. The website is in full christmas cheer and we are all feeling it too. The christmas tree will be put up and decorated. I do hope we have enough decorations, but if not there is always the joys of going back to Pulp.

Over the weekend we put our hands in paint and started our wreath for the front door. This year we have done the wreath in our colour theme and Taj has joined in the fun. I cannot wait to cut the little hands out and put the wreath together.

Welcome to the month of celebration! Oh and I bought the little ones their advent calendar. This year I have gone the chocolate. I wanted to add some Blease tradition into their christmas and bring in some of the things my mum did for me. This is one of them. I do remember cheating as a child and opening up too many doors. So cheeky!

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  1. Chocolate + advent calendar = awesome. An advent calendar without chocolate is just not the same. I am sure your kiddies with love it, and their Mama for the special treat. Enjoy the festive preparations.



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