Friday, November 5, 2010

cooked eggs

Don't you love it when your little people do things that has you in fits of laughter. Those times when you could go either way. You could quite easily breakdown in tears, but instead you cannot control your giggling. Yesterday I had that moment with Taj in the middle of our supermarket, Woolworths.

We had just gone and got some eggs and were walking up the pasta isle. Taj stopped and was looking at the tins of tuna. He was the one carrying the basket, well more like dragging it. But there was no other way of doing shopping. He hates the trolley and loves to be part of the whole shopping experience, right down to the self service scanning registers.

I turned away for a moment, a little moment and when I turned back Taj was squatting next to the basket with his back to me. He was quiet, and that in itself was a sign he was up to no good. I peeked over the top of him to find he had placed all the eggs on the ground. Looking up at me he said, "mummy crack. Cooking. Cook!"

I tried so hard not to laugh in his face, but could not hold on. It was hilarious. Even the lady who worked there came up and had a giggle. I offered to pay for the eggs Taj had cooked with on the floor, but the lady said it was fine.

Keely and I spoke to Taj about eggs and how you have to be very gentle when holding them. I love it. "mummy crack. Cooking. Cook!"


  1. Just what I needed a smile on my face. How cute!! xx

  2. I think I would have had to laugh too ... sounds like Taj is one super cute little man!

  3. Oh a great post. It's all learning isn't it? They don't know that the supermarket floor is not the place to crack them and that we can't transport them cracked and home to whisk up into a baked cake. How gorgeous.

  4. Rock on with your bad self in Woolies Taj.

  5. bless him. little master chef in the making.

    (better woolies than your floor, right?) xxx

  6. that is the funniest story ever! I would have been laughing so hard too if I saw that! ha ha mummy crack. cooking. cook! hilarious.



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