Monday, November 15, 2010

jem is my name

As a little girl I never owned a dolls house. I did have barbies. Maybe too many barbies. I had a Jem doll. Do you remember her, Jem and the Misfits? My Jem had the coolest pink hair. I used to play full rock concerts with her and my barbies. Even writing about it is bringing me back the memories of my pretend play.

Watching Keely on the weekend pull out all of her furniture from her doll's house, and set it all up around her was beautiful. When I got down and started to take photos I could see the game she was playing. I could see the imagination ticking over in her head. Hearing her voice and hearing the things they were doing was magic.

These are the times when I wish I could shrink back to being her size and enjoying the innocence and the tiny life of pretend play.

{This week Keely is away with her daddy and her grand dad, creating memories with her cousins. I am missing her already, and she is still here}!


  1. I loved Jem! I still remember the opening song! I never was allowed Barbie (and to this day I desire a "peaches and cream" one). As a result my girls have quite few. I love watching them play their little games :)
    I had "Sylvanian Family" and "keypers" instead and i adored them. Take care while your little angel is away. x

  2. Hayley you are cracking me up! I never played with Barbies growing up BUT they only doll like that I had was GEM! I even have a Gem and the Holograms shirt now that I were. CRAZY, I loved her. Remember how she would touch her star earring and turn into the punk rock chick?! LOL


  3. Lol, Jem and the Holograms... truly outrageous! I love Keely's dollhouse set, her serious expression is so cute.

  4. Love Jem! She was my idol! I just pulled all my Jem dolls out for Makayla to play with - she is in LOVE with Jem's flashing earings, and the other girls bright yellow hair! I just love seeing her play with them, creating her own memories with them! I must try and find the cartoon series for her so she has some context for them as well!

  5. i have not thought of Jem & the Holograms for years - hilarious!

  6. ha my sis had jem and we would spend hours playing with her and our barbies. my mum forbid cabbage patch dolls though. she thought they were hideous things. these pictures are gorgeous. i love watching them playing, lost in their own little world x

  7. HI there! I found your blog on Top Baby Blogs and it's lovely! I am your newest follower Nice to meet you!!! You can find me at
    Have a peek at my all handmade giveaways if you stop by. Everything is gorgeous!
    Your family is beautiful!!

  8. This is lovely and a beautiful dolls house too. I am shopping around now for one for my daughters christmas. Is this the Le Toy one?
    Hope you don't miss your girl too much.

  9. hi jade,

    Yes it is the le toy one, and I am in love with it. We bought one that was really plain, without the painted flowers on the outside. have fun shopping! x

  10. Oh I remember using my mom's shoes as Barbie's cars & driving her around all over the house in her "shoe-car". Sad we stop the pretend play when we grow up.



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