Thursday, November 25, 2010

keely in her "big" school uniform

Keely was ready to put her new school uniform on. She had eaten her porriage and was waiting for me to help her. Off we went into my room. Keely took her dress off the hanger. She laid her dress out on the bed. (This is what she does to make it easier to put dresses on and tops). I looked at Keely, tears welling up in my eyes. I told her that mummy was just about to cry. I explained to her that I was not upset. I was very proud of her and the tears will be happy tears, or were happy tears.

Oh yes I bawled my eyes out. While wearing the biggest grin on my face. Seriously how could one not be proud? Check out those perfect plaits, with matching school colour ribbons, and that big floppy hat on her head. But most of all look how proud and chuffed Keely was. That is what matters.

I stood there in the morning staring at her new lunch box. I gulped at the thought of packing her lunch for the day. We are talking about packing a lunch for a child that does not eat fruit. I did manage to pack her a healthy lunch. It was nice to open the lunch box at the end of the day to find the smeared yoghurt that had escaped out of the empty packet and not a crumb to be found. Yesterday I officially became the school mum. I am going to become an expert lunch packer-er!


  1. WOW, time flies. She could not be any cuter in that uniform. Happy day Keely!


    Taj's bedhead is cracking me up!

  2. aaah, the lunchbox! yes, i have definately learnt to become quite creative. My daughter's school does 'waste-free' lunches too, so no little packets or rubbish allowed. Hers is filled with grissini, cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, sultanas, yoghurt, muffins, crackers, cookies, popcorn ..... i have the same things each week, i just mix up the combinations.

    Keely looks adorable! Taj is going to miss her x

  3. So gorgeous! I still look in wonder at my girls in their school uniforms. One is almost finished prep and the other is in Grade 3. It just feels like yesterday they were babies and now they feel so grown up. I still look forward to seeing them walk out of their classrooms each day and can't wait to kiss their little noses.

  4. Oh, Lordy! Stop it! She is SUCH a little ham and for you, my eyes have glazed over. x

  5. Firstly - I am so SO impressed with those plaits. I need some lessons and fast!

    Secondly - sigh.. SO cute. And so sad, and yet SO EXCITING!!

    Will you become a soccer mum?




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