Tuesday, November 9, 2010

little buddies

I have heard that you should not be friends with your children. They should know who is "boss." I personally disagree. I was friends with my mum. I was also a daughter to my mum. We had a relationship I could only hope I will have with my children. I may be going about it the wrong way, but I am rolling with it. Parenthood is a bit hit and miss and I have no doubt my mum missed a few hits. But I can say she hit a home run with me. I have nothing but true respect and love for her.

I bought a bracelet for Keely and one for myself last week from Pulp. I gave Keely hers and showed her that I had one too. She instantly said, "oh mum these are friendship bracelets!"

That they are. That is what we are. We are friends and we are mother and daughter.


  1. I am so with you. I love being friends with my smalls. Not everyone can say they are. I say enjoy the friendship, let it grow and glow baby. And rock on with yer bad self.

  2. oh, Much better than those Silly Bands..They're very nice;)

  3. adorable. you are two very pretty friends with very pretty bracelets!

  4. ooh how gorgeous!! love the picture of you and your daughter. too cute! i am looking forward to being great friends with my little ones too - it's the best way to be! xo



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