Tuesday, August 31, 2010

we heart books, old books

Once upon a time.... there was a beautiful, and magical book my mum used to read me, and one that I eventually read on my own, over and over again. A favourite. A book that created a magical world for me to live in. A world that blanked out all the bad things in my childhood. A place I could escape to. A safe place. A magical world full or exciting lands with beautiful friends, Moon-Face and Silky. The Magic Faraway Tree.

I knew I had to find this book and I was very disappointed to find out that my favourite book is no longer released in to Australia in the big and beautifully illustrated book I used to read as a child. Now it comes in black and white and is a third of the size. I ventured into my local secondhand bookstore, one I have never been in to find my book. I instantly found my other childhood favourite, The Adventures of The Wishing-Chair, sitting on display right near the counter, in new condition and with a dust jacket. It was $38. I didn't even hesitate, I picked it up, and hunted for more. I love Enid Blyton and I recongnised every title that was on the shelf. Books I read throughout my childhood were all there in their original condition. I was in my bookstore.

I found some awesome Dr Seuss books for Taj and for Keely. They are in great condition as well and were snapped up to add to our reading list. I was just about to leave with Taj when I asked the lady if she had a copy of The Magic Faraway Tree. She said she thought there was one and hunted the whole store to not find one.

I bought the books I had and then as I was about to leave, Taj started pulling at a closed cupboard door to an antique cupboard and inside was more children's books. There placed in the middle of the pile was my book. Taj found it! The lady took it out and we both could not believe the condition it was in and for $50 it was a great find. She told me she would have thought it would be closer to $150 for the condition it was in. So I took it and I skipped the whole way to pick up Keely from pre school.

I know it may seem weird, but I was so happy. I read to Keely that same day. I read like I had never read to her before. I was excited. She wanted me to read faster and faster. Keely wanted to meet Moon-Face, and climb higher in the tree.

A book my mum read to me I now read to my daughter.


  1. these are the very books i loved reading when i was teaching... i have most of those pictured!!

    the photos of keely immersed in the books are beautiful :)

  2. Big loving that Taj led you to your book just as you were about to leave! Awesome. Have fun reading those books, it's so good when you rediscover old favourites and can fall in love with them all over.

    How's detox going?

  3. Such beautiful photos! Old books are the best - our kids love them too (and so do we).

  4. I LOVED these books when I was a wee pee. I still have mine - they are be vintage like yours! How exciting! I can't wait to read these to Livvi.

  5. What a beautiful post. I love the look on Keely's face in that photo. I love all of the books you scored. Green Eggs & Ham is a current fave at ours and in his feverish haze (he's unwell) last night my little man said, "Mama, Green Eggs Ham pease" indicating he wanted me to read to him at 2am! I still have my Enid Blyton's too but doubt they're in such great condition. x

  6. there is no children's book as exciting as the enchanted wood series and there NEVER will be (so there!). i still have my originals but they are not the big beautiful colourful ones you found! soooo lucky.



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