Monday, August 30, 2010

craft monday :: chalk

I have played this craft game before with Keely and I thoroughly enjoy having her at my feet creating magic all over my kitchen floor. There is something about craft that is not messy, easy and still creative. I love chalk. I love how simple it is and how wonderful it is for your little people to draw with an element that is easily removed and one that can even be used outside.

The inspiration Keely had for her drawing was from a beautiful children's book that I have been reading her. One that I had as a child and one that I was lucky enough to find on Friday. I cannot tell you how happy I am and the emotions this book is giving me. Today I share her images of her beautiful imagination and tomorrow I will share with you the book and other books I bought. Books that make me happy and sad.

You don't need to have a concrete floor to allow your children go for it when it comes to chalk. You do not even need a kitchen door as a chalkboard. There are sidewalks outside. There are walls. Chalk comes off in the rain, and it is special to have their masterpiece for everyone to see.

Enjoy the non-messy craft and buy your little ones some big chalk.


  1. I'm a big chalk fan as well. It goes on so easily and comes off just as easily!

    Keely's drawing is very advanced for her age. Impressive!! She obviously takes after her mum in the talented artist ranks. x

  2. Recently started following your wonderful blog. Hope to set up my own in the near future - but in the meantime had to thank you very much for your lovely blog! Thanks for reminding me just how magical chalk can be! And thank you for sharing the delicious recipe for Honey Cakes. They've become a new favourite for all of us! Thanks again Milly

  3. Chalk is awesome, such beautiful pictures!

  4. I don't know why I haven't bought Kenzie some chalk yet...need to asap! She would def. love it. :)



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