Monday, August 23, 2010

my little chef

There is nothing like cooking with little people. I have said this over and over again. But seriously it is fun. I am a messy cook, so for me it is no different then cooking on my own. Taj is obsessed with cooking, and I mean obsessed. It is one of the first things he does in the morning when he gets up. He raids my cupboard, the drawers and puts together his own little kitchen. I am tripping over pots and pans all day.

While Keely was at pre school last week I thought it was time to involve Taj in our cooking adventures. Out came a banana muffin recipe from the latest Notebook magazine and off we cook, cook, cooked. (That is what Taj says, over and over again). The muffins were great and I was very impressed to see Keely eat them too. I however never told her about the mashed up banana that went in them. I told her they were vanilla! I have frozen half for the week ahead. This stops me from eating them all, and so far this is working.

This week I am not to sure what we will bake. I am missing our carrot and walnut cake, and it is high on my list. I have to give half away though, because I can honestly sit and eat the whole cake.

Do you bake with your little people? How do you stop yourself from eating the whole sweet treat?


  1. GREAT post! Totally with you on this one. The kitchen is the centre of our home. Dad is the "good cook" and me (mummy) is all things Italian and baking. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics.

  2. not often enough with my two boys but they truly love it too!! love the pics hayley xox

  3. These are such beautiful, radiant photos! How cute is Taj??!

    I do bake. I Love love love to bake. However, I tend not to eat the baked goodies.. I don't know why, but I do have some exceptions - polka dot cookies - I can not stop at one. Triple choc cookies, I can most certainly not stop at one. But I don't tend to make cakes because no one seems to eat them. But man, I love to make cake. And eat cake.

  4. Yum, they look and sound delicous. I bake at least once a week with my children, sometimes twice. It's very hard not to eat them all. Freezing half sounds like a great idea.

  5. well you know I love to bake... and what should you bake this week? My choc cookies with chick peas! They are the bomb!
    Taj is adorable. The cupcakes look brilliant. I might just let him cook in my kitchen real soon x

  6. Taj is just the cutest. My eldest is obsessed with cooking but it's the youngest I cook *with*. We bake cakes together but only for birthdays. There is really no way I can stop myself from eating cake if its right there. It's just too good.



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