Wednesday, August 18, 2010

spring body challenge

I think I drink too much coffee! I have been writing another blog and I have noticed a lot of my posts are surrounded by coffee images. This being the case I am taking up a challenge. A huge challenge. My lovely friend, Nat, from The Pagoda Tree is doing a Spring Body Challenge. I am in. I need to be in! Nat talks about needing a support person. That one person that is there to help you through this body cleanse week while you give up all the good things in life, and better still that person will join in and be your challenge buddy.

lovely Nat, my support person and creator of the spring challenge

What will happen to my morning coffee? My cafe will miss me. I will miss my cafe. Not the saturday waffles! My saturday friend will find a new waffle buddy. What about my sunday breakfast date? I do hope Nat realises that this not only will change my body, but will also change my mind.

Now I get it. This is Nat's grand plan. It is all about the mind, body and spirit. I have no doubt I can do this.(I also have no doubt I will be back to my routine the following week)! Nat is my support person.... sucker!Living in another state she will be receiving numerous phone calls. I am sure they will be not very nice. There is no doubt they will be phone calls from the confectionary isle in my supermarket, standing outside my cafe as I try to take sneaky sips out of strangers coffee cups, and the abuse about the withdrawal headache I will have for the first few days.

I do hope that my regular dates for the week realise I am going to try and put them up for the challenge. It would only be fair to support their friend and not rub in the fact they are either eating a waffle, sipping a divine coffee, or eating mushrooms on very naughty white bread.

I am in training. I am about to go for my morning exercise, followed by a coffee.... oh the sweet coffee. Yes this is going to be hard. The training is not working. Do you think you can call "training" drinking as much coffee, and placing huge amounts of naughty treats in your mouth before you start the cleanse?

Come join me?

{starts september 1 :: spring}


  1. Your HILARIOUS! But I have an idea... these 'people' you speak of.. the ones that will be missing you, need not! They can join us!
    You are going to feel so amazing by the end of this that you will not look back. Coffee will always be there for you - should you return to it.
    If it makes you feel any better. I too love coffee!
    We will rock this together!

  2. Love it - you are so funny. I too am in love with my coffee and becoming more addicted by the day. The very THOUGHT of giving it up gives me little panicky feelings. Sad I know. Good luck with the challenge!

  3. my heart started beating faster thinking about giving up my daily visit to MY cafe. I dont think its the coffee tho, I think its the convo, and adult contact I get from the visit. Maybe I'll tell them I'll be drinking water. Im sure they'll understand.....

  4. Hayles – I have given up coffee – for good. It's so hard. Don't worry, Sunday morning we will get a pot of lemongrass and ginger tea and muesli with fruit and apple juice. YUMMO! xx

  5. coffee is soooo easy to miss. tea? smoothies? something's gotta take its place!



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