Friday, August 13, 2010

a thank you

I was gentle with myself yesterday and surrounded myself with lovely friends. I truly do have amazing friends and the ones I saw yesterday have been in my life for a short time. But it feels like I have known each of them for years. That is true friendship.

I had some time to myself yesterday morning and I went to the beach with a lily and placed it in the ocean. It was beautiful and a special thing I do for mum each anniversary and for special dates. It is my moment to be with her with nothing else. I cried. I smiled. I remembered.

My home is surrounded in beautiful flowers, cards and little notes. A day that would be quite lonely was not lonely at all. I had an amazing dinner last night with two gorgeous friends and their beautiful daughter. I drove away thinking how lucky I am to have had a day that my mum would have wanted me to have. I know she was sitting there eating the osso bucco we had last night; one of her last meals she cooked for herself.

Thank you for all the lovely comments, and for stopping by yesterday. x


  1. You are an inspiration. A really, beautiful and emotive post. Thinking of you. xxx

  2. It was incredibly moving reading your post - I lost my dear mum when I was 21 and the memories came flooding back. What you did today was important and beautiful and yes, your mum was smiling through the clouds at you, I can feel the love from here.

    May your loving memories sustain you right now, and always.




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