Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the imaginary friend

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? I don't think I ever did. Mum never told me I did, so I can only assume I did not have a little side kick with me. Keely didn't have one growing up, when some of her friends did. But just this week she has started to talk about her friend Mariposa.

Mariposa has come with us in the car. She sits in the middle. On monday she went home with her mum to have lunch and then she returned after Taj woke from his sleep. We all went down the beach together. Mariposa has a brother and a sister. Yesterday Mariposa came to the doctors with us. She too splashed in the puddles. Keely had her fringe cut. Mariposa had her fringe cut too, but her mum did hers. Her mum has special scissors.

Mariposa slept over here last night. Keely's first sleep over was with her new friend. Mariposa is going to pre school with Keely today, and apparently she is staying over the next two nights and going to school with Keely. I am not sure how long Mariposa will be here for. But she sounds lovely. I like having her around.


  1. Buggie has Dolla. She is wonderfully mischievous {always seems to be in trouble} and some days she lives in Buggie's belly?! Oh the mind of a 4yr old...

  2. Oh I had one! Her name was Joyce and she drove a red Subaru and played tennis! Joyce was awesome. She was like a 4 year old version of Jane from Scooby Doo!

  3. ruby had bulk. oh bulk. i really do miss him. i wish he was still around. x

  4. I also had one her name was Pippa:-) So i have been told and that lasted about 2-3 yrs funny now i couldnt remember a thing about her? ,and yet i was 5 at the time (my mother said) LOL..

  5. For some reason, I think Mariposa means butterfly. I love her fringe. xx

  6. My son has imaginary pets. Last week it was snakes. Today he said he had a friend that was a crocodile. His name is James. They play cards together when we're asleep, apparently. Enzo said that he and the croc sit on top of the the dinning room table and jump on the couch, when we're asleep.

    He too sounds lovely, but a little on the naughty side.

  7. I had two - Noni and Keely (funnily enough!). Did you get my email via little pinwheel store?

  8. My nephew had Knucklehead. How funny is that?

    Mariposa sounds like a swell gal. And how cute is your small fry??? !

  9. so gorgeous! My eldest has 2 'Ella & Jubie'....they left for a while but are now back & she shares them with her younger sister!

  10. Lolly has "Doity" and "Dusslor", no idea where those names come from, but Doity is the girl and she is really nice, and Dusslor is the boy, and he is very naughty, apparently.

    I love their imaginary friends, I am always sad when they stop mentioning them - it signifies to me that they are growing up, no longer a baby, and no longer living in a fantasy childhood world...


  11. Yes Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly.

    My 5yr son has several imaginary friends but has a main one called 'blobie'. There is never a dull moment in our house with 2 boys and all the imaginary!!

    Love the pics, keep them coming Hayley.




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