Monday, August 16, 2010

craft monday :: didgeridoo

This weekend we did some fun cultural craft. I love sharing australian culture with Keely, well of what I know, and showing her in a creative way. We made two didgeridoos, one for Keely and the other for Avery. Keely really wanted to send one to Avery after she sent Keely an american flag from independence day. We might have to find a fluffy kangaroo for Avery!

Keely painted a snake, animal walking tracks, and a gate with a tree. I loved seeing what she would come up with after talking to her about aboriginals and how they portray their lives.

We used thick cardboard to paint on and stapled the paper together in a cylinder shape. You can even use toilet rolls to make mini didgeridoos.

Enjoy making your didgeridoos and talking about australian culture.


  1. Cute! We made didgeridoos as craft last week too! So cute!

  2. I am loving these. Will try this out later this week, my little rad dog will think this is ace!!

  3. Not sure if my comment went trough {lost my internet connection}

    Avery will be super stoked and what a great way for her and I to learn about Australian culture! What fun...



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