Monday, August 2, 2010

monday moments

Today I might be letting some of you down. I have posted craft on a monday for a long time now, but I hope you understand that I am a completely normal mum that sometimes does not have time to sit down and have a full craft activity to share with my little ones. We still did manage to do a lot of craft; our simple crafts.

I have been in full swing with organising the summer ranges that will be arriving on the little pinwheel shop website very soon. I have been writing everyday, and doing design projects for other people. This week is going to be pretty much the same! I decided when we have a week where I have strict deadlines I can share the moments that I have captured from behind the lens; hence the blog title. This was our weekend.

I am going to take photos professionally. I hope you enjoy these moments.

This week will be a different routine in the little pinwheel home. I am looking forward to some chaos, laughter, and a week full of cuddles. And some late nights.


  1. the new camera is sensational, but the photographer must be pretty clever too :)

  2. These photos are gorgeous and capture your moments so beautifully. I am not a crafty mumma so in possibly letting others down for no craft monday post, you picked up another Mumma who loves to see what you got up to, the simple, the joyful..these are the moments. You are one talented lady and completely normal {whatever that is} mama!

  3. Oh man, dude, I love these photos. What an ace set of snaps. You are too good. Your smalls looked like they had a fun-packed weekend - RAD!

    And wee Rosie. She is a heart-breaker.

    You are the bomb and then some!

  4. Amy loves me some spontaneous changes at little pinwheel this week!

  5. Gorgeous Hayley! I love Taj's little 'Clayton's tantrum' - the tantrum you have when you're not having a tantrum!

  6. and as IF anybody would be disappointed with these images! Absolutely Gorgi! love love love!!!
    You know what I wonder... can you make anything look good? Or are these people (big and little) just seriously good looking? Hmmmm I wonder.
    HA! Your clever. xo

  7. Hayley

    I have to ask you, your photos are devine and you've mentioned you have a new Canon Camera, which one is it because I am actually in the process of researching the Canon EOS to buy, and would love your advice.
    Love the pics.

  8. thank you for your lovely comments! The camera I bought is the canon 7D. If you do not want to spend this money, you can always go down to the next camera. The 550D is still a great camera. If you need any more advice you can email me! Enjoy.... x

  9. Taj! That is not nutella! it's Vegemite! What are you doing little dude??


    PS. Taj and Rosie are wearing the same onesies... his and hers!



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