Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pulp life

Last week I went to pulp life again. I am completely in love with everything in my shop. I am going to have to come home with a few things the next time I visit. It seems like the right thing to do. I fell in love with this cuckoo clock.

I love this vintage lamp.

My lamp broke that Keely bought me for my birthday. It was accidently broken 3 days later. I think this lamp is a great replacement.

How cute are these owls.

The new pictures hanging on the walls are beautiful and I can see these would work well in the right spaces. They are pretty.

I am loving too much. Saltwater sandals are rockin' and so is this foot photo with my lovely friend, Sophie. It was her fault I was back, but there was not much persuasion.

I have to get some vintage glasses for Taj and Keely. I think these are going to be our silly faces. We can wear the specs on the days we want to be silly. This could be our thing. Our little pinwheel silly thing. I like it!


  1. You should definitely buy that cuckoo clock...and the lamp....and the glasses for Taj. ha ha my foot....you are too funny. No, you definitely did not take much persuasion at all! I so have to go back there one day without the little man, so i can have a real good look around. Thanks so much for the outing that day Hayley!

  2. Man, I can't wait to check out this place when i come to town..I want that lamp in your reflection photo! x

  3. That cuckoo clock is the best!!! Might have to get you to post me one!! haha!! you are so lucky to live near 'your shop'..... XO



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