Friday, August 6, 2010

bloesem kids

A few weeks back I spoke about something I was going to be doing. Something that was quite huge for me. Well I can now spill the beans and tell you all that I have joined the fashion editor team over at Bloesem Kids. I am very excited, and I have been busting to tell you ever since I was asked to be part of Irene's amazing team. I am honored to be working along side Kellie and Wiebke. {you both rock}!

You can see me on Bloesem Kids about every 3 weeks in the what to wear today feature. This week I talk about the old school fashion and how it is all being revamped.

Doing a little 80's disco dancing right now!


  1. Hayley!!! That is AWESOME!! I lOVE Bloesem.....what a fantastic opportunity - enjoy XO

  2. oh ! exciting news for you ! .. thay's fabulous Hayley .. xxxx

  3. So exciting, what an amazing adventure! xoxo

  4. That is AWESOME! All kinds of awesome.

  5. Woohoo! Congratulations Hayley Habbles!! I'm with Lexi, totally AWESOME!! xxx

    PS. Just did a disco dance in your honour. No, seriously, I did.

  6. Thats fantastic news - really exciting and need to have a glass of Ingoldby to celebrate (Ps - that's my new favourite since you introduced me to it!) Tan xx



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